Mobilise Applications

Make traditional keyboard and mouse driven applications mobile & touch responsive

The limitations of traditional virtualization result in a poor mobile user experience

  • Desktop app screens built for viewing on full size monitor
  • Desktop apps designed for keyboard and mouse interaction not for touch (taps and swipes)
  • Pixel-pushed controls are not responsive on mobile screen

  • Mobile Experience Virtualisation Platform

  • Adapts virtualized Windows desktop applications for mobile delivery
  • Deliver true mobile UI with native HTML5 controls
  • Map gestures to adapt app to touch screen interaction
  • Deliver mobile application on secure browser or as a hybrid application

  • Create customized mobile UIs for your existing desktop applications – in hours – with a fraction of the expense of new mobile development.

  • Same “secure-by-design” paradigm as app virtualization (no data left on device)
  • Integrates with existing virtualization infrastructure (XenApp/XenDesktop, Horizon, or RDP)
  • Integrates with existing mobility infrastructure (XenMobile, AirWatch, etc.)