Monday 15th June 2015

Map the App V landscape of your business with Conversion Box

David Micallef

Once you have acquired a minimum Base License for ConversionBox, which includes 40 conversion licenses, you can run reports across your entire estate, for as long as you like, whenever you like at no additional cost. The report is not just an estimate whether an application may or may not run in your environment – it actually installs your applications and provides factual information about your applications including ALL errors and issues. You will then know which environment (64bit / 32bit) is the most optimized for virtualizing your applications at a fraction of the cost of other, less accurate, methods of reporting. Then, directly from the report, you can very easily convert your applications to App-V.

AutonoWare has created a revolutionary shift in how applications can be quickly & easily transformed into App-V. ConversionBox provides an out-of-the-box automated solution that simulates the perfect error-free technical engineer to convert your applications to App-V in a fraction of the time & cost. Put simply, AutonoWare takes care of the complexity, so that you don’t have to!

Downloading & installing ConversionBox to your environment takes less than 30 minutes. Then, just take a few minutes to input the bespoke settings for your environment & simply drag & drop a folder of your MSI’s, executables (.exe’s) & scripts (.vbs, .bat, .cmd) into the ‘Convert’ screen of ConversionBox & between 60-90% of your applications can convert to App-V at a rate of 300 conversions per day.

To obtain a free trial of conversion box, and read more about how you can remove the obstacles to ensure that conversion processes are no longer a barrier for productivity, visit Autonoware’s site

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