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Autonoware ConversionBox - Accelerating & Automating Application Conversions to App-V

Autonoware ConversionBox

Automating App-V Sequencing with ConversionBox

AutonoWare ConversionBox takes the ‘art’ of sequencing applications for Microsoft App-V out of the equation and transforms this manual, labour-intensive method into a predictable and fully automated rapid process. ConversionBox delivers on the promise of reducing time and cost, while increasing IT service quality and efficiency to provide a solution which is measurable, predictable and repeatable thanks to AutonoWare’s automation framework.

ConversionBox enables IT to transform application source files (MSI’s / exe’s / VB scripts / cmd scripts / .bat files) packages into centrally managed virtual services with Microsoft App-V to reduce the cost and the process of deploying virtualized applications, with all the benefits that this brings, in a considerably faster timeframe to help IT deliver more agile services to the user and to the business as a whole.

ConversionBox is a unique end to end, hands-off, application source file to App-V conversion tool which mimics exactly what an App-V Sequencer does on a clean machine for every application. A folder of apps, including a mix of MSI’s, .exe’s, VB scripts, cmd scripts & .bat files, is simply drag & dropped into ConversionBox and the sequencing process automatically delivers exactly what a sequencer would expect to, with all the expected output files available for App-V 5 and/or 4.6, with the ability to edit where required. A hypervisor is included within ConversionBox, without a requirement for additional vendor licenses. Additionally, the reporting functionality shows which apps have converted (or haven’t) & any errors found.

Reduce 95% of App-V Sequencing Time

ConversionBox has been used with multiple applications of varying size and complexity and will automate the virtualization of the applications in line with Microsoft sequencing guidelines. The conversion from source file to App-V application typically takes <5 minutes per application using ConversionBox. It has also been conclusively shown that when applications fit the requirements for virtualization with App-V, the adoption of ConversionBox enables organizations to significantly reduce IT labor effort; reduce the time required to deliver new or updated applications to users; and deliver higher-quality and more responsive services to the business.

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