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Managing Permissions in the Information Jungle

Active Directory • NTFS Permissions • Windows File Server SharePoint • Exchange • v Sphere

Simplicity leads to efficiency, and 8MAN echoes this philosophy.

8MAN is a unique access rights management solution that brings a new level of comfort in handling complex tasks related to user-provisioning, tracking and monitoring – helping businesses establish a robust security framework to successfully minimize exposure to insider threats.

8MAN offers a 360° overview of roles and permissions across Active Directory, SharePoint, file server and Exchange to eradicate erroneous allocation of privileges. A centralized control helps you adopt security best practices neces-sary for audit-related activities and improve the overall security of your data.

  • Many technologies, single interface
  • Measurably saves time by curtailing duplication of tasks
  • Improved visibility enabling timely detection of potential security gaps
  • Rich interface, easy-to-understand dashboard and customizable reports
  • 8MAN is based on .NET and can be integrated into any Microsoft systems environment
  • Speedy installation and configuration in less than 30 minutes
  • Results in a few hours after initial installation
  • Virtually no training necessary: Simple and intuitive interface to empower helpdesk, responsible departments and admins

    Clarity with just one click

    What makes 8Man different

    Integrated approach – Many technologies, single interface.

    8MAN’s unique strength lies in its ability to provide an integrated overview of permissions across your organization (Active Directory, file server, SharePoint, Exchange). No security gap goes unnoticed under the watchful eyes of 8MAN.

    Security solution made in Germany

    8MAN is truly a product of German efficiency and excellence. It has been developed by team security experts with comprehensive and in-depth experience in the security domain.

    Bridge the gap between IT and Data owners

    With 8MAN we’ve addressed the fundamental flaws in the traditional approach to user-provisioning. 8MAN effectively bridges the gap between IT and business units (data owners), empowering them to meaningfully contribute to your security procedures.

    Audit and compliance

    8MAN provides a wide variety of reports and dashboard tools to help you accelerate internal and external audit procedures, and measurably lower the costs involved.

    Build a strong IDM policy with 8MAN

    Only with a clean Active Directory can you establish a robust identity management policy. Identification of authentication errors and key problem areas is significantly easier with 8MAN. You can extract actionable insights to build a solid IDM policy across your organization.

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    Prevent Unauthorized Data Access

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    8MAN is the access rights management technology, used by organizations to protect their data from unauthorized access.

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